Thematic Panel

You probably already heard about Circular Economy, especially in the last years. But do you know what exactly Circular Economy is?

But do you know what exactly Circular Economy is?Upcycling e afins, que

The Circular Economy is an evolution of reuse, recycling, upcycling, and similar concepts - which tried to 'close the loop' of processes that were created by a linear mindset (production - use - discard) - to a systemic change. One that envisions, through a circular production design, to put an end to the generation of residues toxic to the environment, and to pollution, to keep materials and products in use, and to regenerate natural systems.

Ideally, in the Circular Economy, economic activity participates in the construction of a system that is healthy as a whole. That means designing products to last, and also designing them with components that can get back to the natural systems when their cycle of use is (finally) done.

The conceptual universe of the Circular Economy implies not only technological innovations but also profound changes in paradigm, in a world very much based on capitalism and consumerism. It is a concept that, in practice, intends to not only ‘protect’ or 'conserve' the natural environments, but also to collaborate with the improvement of these.

This panel will try to answer questions such as:

Is it realistic to expect that the Economy, the Industry and the Market will effectively complete that conceptual loop in the near future?

What are the advancements that the industry and businesses around the world have done in the direction of that concept?

What materials and new ways of production are already in practice following that logic?

November 2nd
(Brazil time | GMT -3)

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