At a time in which images are omnipresent, influencing personal and public opinions, we believe films are the best way of communicating, of provoking questions and reflections, and of inspiring changes of attitude.

There is any other expedient so efficient at showing ways of life and at divulging more sustainable models, models that make possible a better future for humans and for all forms of life on the planet.

With that in mind we created Filmambiente, in 2011, in Rio de Janeiro.

Our activities

Filmambiente exhibits every year, free of charge, the best recent international productions on the themes of environment, sustainability, and regeneration of life on the planet.

In the Festival program, in addition to the films, there are debates, thematic panels, workshops and master classes with invited directors.

Along its history, Filmambiente had some editions in other cities, and in 2020 had its first 100% online edition, with screenings open to everyone in Brazil.

Our Goals / Our Mission

To provoke reflection through the exhibition and discussion of films on environmental themes; influencing changes at personal, governmental and enterprise levels, collaborating to the creation of a better future for life on the planet.


Exhibition of films globally selected among the best.


Development of new audiences for environmental films.

Critical Thinking

Thematic panel and film debates.


Events for schools, universities, and companies.

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