Filmambiente 2022 | November 3-9 | Espaço Itaú de Cinema & Online

At Filmambiente 2022 you will be able to watch the best films of the period on important environmental issues.

We’ll present 6 feature films in competition and 19 short films, 15 of which are in competition. An international jury will choose the best films, directors, photography and editing in short and feature length films.

Watch the short films online here and cast your vote, as the films also compete for the best People’s Choice short film If you are in Rio de Janeiro, go to the cinema. There you can watch the features and other shorts in competition, and you can also leave your vote.

Filmambiente 2022 is not to be missed!

Choose the movies you want to watch, meet the panelists, and set off to participate!

Filmambiente 2022 | 3-9 Novembro | Rio de Janeiro e Online

The films awarded at Filmambiente 2022 are


Feature Docs


Above Water | Marcher Sur L’eau 

For its original poetic approach, far from the conventional form of documentaries that confuse reportage with cinematographic language; for its narrative rhythm in line with the best of contemporary cinema without losing the strength and focus of a theme that denounces; for identifying with a humanist cinema, in service of the defense of the planet.


Laura Faerman & Marina Weis for The Wind Blows the Border 

We were impressed by the intimacy, and the skilled way the documentary's directors approached the film's characters. 


Bruno Erlan & Marcos Colón for Stepping Softly on Earth  

Beautiful photography of the river, its people and the life in the region. The powerful visual representation of the beauty and struggles of the Amazonians was impactful. 


Pedro Bronz & Frederico Benevides for Mata  

Each edited part conveys complex emotions while maintaining a particular representation of the film's overall theme.

Short Films


When the Swallows Fly Away | Quand Les Hirondelles S’en Vont 

"When the Swallows Fly Away" has the power to reveal, with sensitivity and delicacy, a relationship with time, care and affection that defies the capitalist logic of today's world. By putting us in front of a boy's point of view, it makes us reflect on the future we are building for the next generations.


Sébastien Pins for When the Swallows Fly Away | Quand Les Hirondelles S’en Vont  

Director Sébastien Pins gently conducts the interactions between the elderly man, the child and the animal - the latter interacting with the actors in an almost emotional way - revealing the cruelty of our society from the child's point of view.


Majid Sarhaddi for Umah 

The film "Umah" reminds us of the classic "A Man with a Movie Camera" by Vertov. The beauty of the photography and the camera movements revere the exuberant nature of the place, where man is just another element.


Marx Braga for Dourado 

With a beautiful work of synthesis and narrative fluidity, Marx Braga uses one of the greatest icons of the struggle for the conservation of Brazilian fauna to question the model of exploration and development adopted in the country since the colonial invasion.


Kuri Ha Akae Ovy - The Araucaria and the Azure Jay

The animated short Kuri Ha Akae Ovy - The Araucaria and the Azure Jayl leads us with beauty and poetry, to a dive into the mythology of South American indigenous peoples, mainly by presenting the relevance of cooperation between species and environmental balance. The cinematography, soundtrack and sound effects were developed with mastery and lightness.


Best Feature Documentary Film

MATA (Fabio Nascimento and Ingrid Fadnes)

Best Short Film

DOURADO (Marx Braga)