Other Activities


Lau Zanchi, organizer of the event, invited filmambiente to participate in the MONTH OF THE AMAZONIA, Read, Think, Feel the Amazon, in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Palácio Galveias library, from March 21st to April 22nd.

We accepted the challenge and selected films to be shown at the event, which also includes music, gastronomy, fashion, book launches, debates and the photo exhibition “The jungle that lives in us”.

Curated by @Filmambiente, and supported by the filmmakers - who provided their films without a fee - there are 22 titles, a diverse selection of Portuguese, Brazilian and international films, many of them award-winning, including the recently located Amazon, the largest river in the world, by the filmmaker and Portuguese-Brazilian photographer Silvino Santos. The film will open the screenings with the support of @Cinemateca Brasileira.

An opportunity to get to know the forest in all its complexity, beauty and conflicts, with a focus on its people, so diverse - Indigenous people, quilombolas, riverside dwellers, babassu coconut breakers, activists - and so committed to protect nature and their ways of life.

Biodiversity in Audiovisual

In 2023, Filmambiente was invited to curate the films displayed at the Mostra Biodiversidade em Audiovisual (Biodiversity in Audiovisual), promoted by the Casa da Cultura de Paraty, at Cinema da Praça, which has a programme aiming to raise public awareness about environmental issues, promote audiovisual works with such themes, and strengthen the narrative and appropriation of nature conservation. The public participates in debates following the screening of films. The project has the sponsorship of O Globo, the support of the Municipality, the Tourism Council of Paraty, and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, and the selection of the Institute e for the debates and its participants.


Filmambiente was born and is based in Rio de Janeiro, but it has already happened in other cities, as Brasília (2018), Niterói (2019), and Porto Alegre (2014). And we are ready to take the Festival on to other municipalities, so that messages from the films and debates can lead more people to reflect on the importance of environmental sustainability and human rights issues. We have some projects on the go, and open to invites!

Filmambiente Voices

In the midst of this unique period, so full of uncertainties that we are going through, collectively, across the planet, we at Filmambiente proposed a reflection on the experience of social isolation/quarantine – and also on what we can expect / desire for the future. We know that the world will no longer be exactly the same when this pandemic is over, but how will it be?

Baía Urbana for Schools

Baía Urbana (Urban Bay) the documentary by the photographer and marine biologist Ricardo Gomes, shot over 2 years, depicts the marine life that still exists in the Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro). In March 2021, we opened subscriptions for teachers, students and groups interested in watching the movie; and from April 15th to April 30th, 2021 we opened the online access for schools and teachers subscribed, via our website. This event was offered in partnership with the Instituto Mar Urbano (Urban Sea Institute) within the scope of the Lei Aldir Blanc, inciso II (Law Aldir Blanc, subparagraph II).