Baía Urbana for Schools

ONLINE SCREENINGS for teachers and students

Between April 15 and 30, 2021, the access to the film Baía Urbana (Urban Bay), by Ricardo Gomes, was open for registered schools and teachers.

In March 2021, we opened applications for professors, students and interested groups, and we received replies from professors who work in Rio de Janeiro.

The film Baía Urbana, by photographer and marine biologist Ricardo Gomes, shows the marine life of Guanabara Bay and was shot over two years. The director dived in different points of the bay, in Urca, Rio-Niteroi bridge, inland of the Bay, and registered the presence of the most diverse marine specimens that still survive in its waters, even extremely polluted. This event was held in conjunction with the Instituto Mar Urbano, under the Aldyr Blanc Law, Inciso (item) II.

Participant comments

The session was very well organized. Registration was simple and emails were always answered quickly. I thought the choice of the film was great, as it is a current and relevant content, in addition to being accessible, in the sense of being easy to understand. This online viewing also makes it easier because each student can watch the movie at the time that is best for them..
(Professor Isabel Wilmer - Bio Extension Project - On the Beach course)
I thought the film was very good, it presents the real Guanabara Bay, without being too sensational and showing the existence of a still great diversity of living beings, which is not known by the entire population. I also found it quite interesting that the importance of the Bay to the surrounding community was shown through both fishing and leisure. The government's neglect and lack of interest in restoring and protecting this place of such cultural and environmental value was shown with responsibility and the hope that this situation is not irreversible was presented in a brilliant way.
(Samuel - student - Bio Extension Project On the Beach - teacher Isabel Wilmer)
The Documentary was very important for the group's research, which is developing a project around the socio-environmental impacts in Guanabara Bay, focusing mainly on ESEC Guanabara. The film allowed us to access several sources and situations that we had not yet encountered during the research, such as all the diversity of marine life and all the main causes of the Bay's pollution. The images are very powerful and we started to fall in love with this natural heritage that we have in our city and which is daily damaged by human intervention. The documentary, in addition to presenting different situations involving the Bay, presented several professionals and people who are involved with the protection of the environment, in different ways. Whether with direct security, or with studies, or through communication itself, this was also very important, presenting different perspectives, and all very important. In the same way that we were delighted with the film, we want to bring this feeling to our project, making people recognize the importance of the Bay and relate to it in a healthier way.
( Bárbara Castro - student PUC-Rio - subject DSG1006 - ADVANCED PROJECT - SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL USE AND IMPACT - professor Aron Moraes)
Each student watched at home and I collected feedback from students and parents the next day. They loved seeing the animals and the reports, but it was a little tiring for them because of the length of the doc.
( Professor Átilas Melo, E.M. School Professor Dulcinda Jotta Mendes (São Pedro da Aldeia, RJ) - Science discipline - 7th grade students)
The film brings an approach from an environmentalist perspective with researchers and people who live and survive from the waters of the Guanabara Bay and its multiple uses. The photography of corral fishing and dolphins was beautiful!
(Professor Monica do Nascimento Brito, from the State University of Norte Fluminense in Campos dos Goytacazes, discipline Special Topics in Urban Studies: Cinema and the City, the City in Cinema)

A Amado Arte e Produção, o Instituto Mar Urbano e o Filmambiente convidam professores, alunos da rede municipal e jovens de todas as idades.

Inscreva sua escola, sua sala de aula, seu grupo enviando uma mensagem para:

E você e seu grupo receberão um sinal para assistir de graça o filme BAIA URBANA de Ricardo Gomes, que mostra as belezas da vida da Baía de Guanabara.

Sinal aberto para as escolas e grupos inscritos!

Schools and Public reached

Juscelino Kubitschek State Technical School,
teacher Caroline Porto de Oliveira,
class: Environment,
number of students 20
North Fluminense State University in Campos dos Goytacazes
teacher Monica do Nascimento Brito
class: Special topics in urban studies: Cinema and the City, the City in Cinema
number of students 10
E.M. Professor Dulcinda Jotta Mendes (São Pedro da Aldeia, RJ)
teacher Attilas Melo
class: science
number of students 40
Aremac Extractivism Ass of Arraial do Cabo
teacher Ivana Moura
class: Environment
number of students 15
Academic Center of Biology at UFRJ
teacher Isabel Wilmer
class: Bio na Praia extension program
number of students 25
teacher Aron Moraes
number of students 22