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Após a sessão de The Wind Blows the Border, debate com a personagem Alenir Aquino Ximendes – em Guarani, Kuña Poty Rendy’I – e outro(s) nome(s) a ser(em) confirmado(os) sobre a dramática situação de ataque aos indígenas Guarani Kaiowá no Mato Grosso do Sul.


An indigenous of the Kaiowá ethnic group, she is one of the representatives of the Kuñague Aty Guasu, the Great Assembly of Kaiowá and Guarani Women, which deals with issues such as: domestic violence, state violence, attacks by gunmen on communities, food sovereignty, pesticides and the impacts of monoculture surrounding the villages, racism, prejudice, religious intolerance, rights of children and adolescents, rights of elders, environment, climate and all the Guarani Kaiowá struggle/mobilization agenda.

Alenir is director of the Mbo'eroy Tupã'i Municipal School Arandu Reño'i. She’s also part of the leadership committee of the Ñande Ru Marangatu Indigenous Land, in southern Mato Grosso do Sul, on the border with Paraguay, a place of years of systematic violence against indigenous people. Alenir is also one of the leaders of Tekoha “Ñande Ru Marangatu”.

 The Debate will take place at Blooks bookstore, at the entrance of Espaço Itau de Cinema.

November, 3th
(Brazil time | GMT -3)

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