Niterói 2019 - Guests | April 4-10

Ricardo Gomes is a Marine Biologist, graduated by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, photographer, cameraman, producer and director. Ricardo has worked as associate editor of photography for the O Globo newspaper for 6 years, and is the author of reportages for publications such as The NY Times, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, Der Spiegel (Germany) and Lonely Planet Guide (Australia) since 1996. As producer and cameraman did the local production for several international documentary programs for TV channels as Channel 4, BBC, RDI Canada, Lonely Planet and TV2 Denmark.

In 2014 released the documentary ‘Urban Sea’, for which he filmed the undersea life of Ipanema and Copacabana beaches during 15 years. In 2017 Ricardo finalized his second documentary Urban Bay that pictures the life under the sea in Guanabara Bay.

Christiane Torloni is an actress with more than 43 years of career. She has played in 14 plays, 28 soap operas and 16 movies. As a political activist, she has participated in “Diretas Já” – a civil movement claiming direct presidential elections in Brazil after the military dictatorship in 1983-1984. As an environmentalist, she has led the “Amazonia para Sempre”, which collected more than one million signatures against the devastation of Amazon Forest.

Miguel Przewodowski is a journalist, director and writer of scripts for television, movies and theater. He ventured into the experimental videos back in the 80’s and made documentaries, feature films, series, videoclips, music and journalistic TV programs. Filmography: ALICE (2008); ANÍSIO TEIXEIRA (1999); HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS (2000); DOIS NA CHUVA (1997); WHY BANANA? (1997); O BISPO DO ROSÁRIO (1993 –Award: IPS Inter Press Service de Roma). Series: EM TEMPO REAL(2014); DETETIVES DA CIÊNCIA(2011); CANTOS DO RIO (2002).

Mert Kaya was born in 1993, in Aydin, Turkey. He continues his undergraduate study at Political Science and International Relations department in Bogazici University. He lived in Brazil between the years 2011-2012 as a student with AFS Intercultural Program, and he got involved in several social movements and documentarists’ groups. In that period of time, he gave voluntary services in several NGOs and associations. He worked as the project assistant in many video projects. He currently produces videos for collectives and NGOs. He studies on Latin America, alternative politics, and documentary cinema.

Mayara is one of the carachters in Love is Over. She participated of the Free Fare Movement (Movimento Passe Livre – MPL in Brazil) since 2005 and was part of the collective during the 2013 battles. She studied Geography at a university but really learnt in the streets.

Matthieu Rytz is a producer, curator, photographer and director. A visual anthropologist by training, his passion for photography and ethnology has led him across the globe to photograph cultural and human diversity over the past ten years. His photographs, as well as those he has commissioned, have been exhibited internationally.

He strives to bear witness to complex human stories and focus especially on the relationship between Man and Nature. He specializes in photographic installation and is currently working on a multidisciplinary project using film, still images and virtual reality – whatever best serves the story.

He recently produced, filmed and directed his first feature film, Anote’s Ark, a documentary dealing with the realities of climate justice and migration. It premiered at Sundance 2018.
Matthieu was born in Switzerland and is now a digital nomad and can be followed at