Niterói 2019 - Films | April 4-10

Feature documentaries

Astral | Astral Jordi Évole
96 min – Spain – 2016

The story of a luxury sailboat converted into a rescue boat, and the work of Spanish NGO Open Arms to save lives of those trying to cross the Mediterranean seeking for a better life in Europe.

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A Arca de Anote | Anote´s Ark Mathieu Rys
77 min – Canadá – 2018

The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati (population: 100,000) is one of the most remote places on the planet, seemingly far-removed from the pressures of modern life. Yet it is one of the first countries facing imminent annihilation from sea-level rise due to climate change. Kiribati’s President Anote Tong races to find a way to protect his country. At stake is the survival of the Kiribati people, and 4,000 years of Kiribati culture.

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Amazônia, o despertar da florestania | Amazon, the awakening of Florestania Christiane Torloni e Miguel Przewodowski
111 min – Brasil – 2018

Aiming to address how the environment has been mistreated since the beginning of the 20th century, the production brings back historical characters and compiles testimonies from representatives of diverse groups related to the theme: the list includes indigenous people, environmentalists, journalists, artists and intellectuals, among other people who have been fighting to preserve this legacy. “Florestania” (lit. forestinzenship), a word that synthesizes the concepts of citizenship and forest rights, is the genetic code of our identity.



Baia Urbana | Urban Bay Ricardo Gomes

70 min – Brasil – 2017

The marine underwater life of the Guanabara Bay with footage never seen of dolphins, turtles, corals, sponges and more than 50 species of fish that still live in the polluted waters of Rio de Janeiro.

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Muito Além de Fordlândia | Beyond Fordlandia Marcos Colón
75 min – USA – 2017

The film takes us from the failed rubber adventure of the Ford Motor Company to establish a rubber plantation on the Tapajos River, on the Amazon, in the 1920’s, to the present successful agribusiness for export, and its implications for man and the forest.

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O Moinho | El Remolino (The Swirl)Laura Herrero
75 min – México – 2016

El Remolino, a small village by the river in Chiapas, Mexico, is yearly affected by heavy floods. There, Pedro, a transgender farmer, tries to defend his identity and his dreams while Esther, his sister, strives to give her daughter a better future by filming their daily lives with a small camera.

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Ponto sem Volta | Point of no Return Noel Dockstader and Quinn Kanaly
95 min – USA – 2017

Point of No Return takes you behind the headlines of the first solar-powered flight around the world—where two courageous pilots take turns battling nature, their own crew, and sometimes logic itself, to achieve the impossible. Not just to make history, but to inspire a revolution.

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Rio Sagrado (des) sacralizado |Holly (un)Holly River Peter McBride and Jake Norton
60 min – USA – 2016

One of the world’s most revered and reviled rivers, the great Ganges River of India; a river that is revered by a billion people, depended upon by 500 million, and is at once a source of life and inspiration as well as death, pollution, and tragedy

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O Jabuti e a Anta | The tortoise and the tapir Eliza Capai
71min – Brasil – 2016

Troubled by the images of the empty water reservoirs on the southwest, a Brazilian filmmaker travels to the gigantic Dams built in the middle of Amazon forest, between the rivers Xingu, Tapajós and Ene in quest to understand its causes. The film echoes the voices of riverside inhabitants, fishermen and indigenous populations who were run over by the so called “development”.
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Short Film Program

The medium length and short films are gathered in four programs, with a big thematic diversity and the power of images. Some, with no words, only the universality of images – strong, powerful, sometimes simple, cheerful and even innocent; others, devastating, in their sad and raw reality.

Animations are also a tradition in Filmambiente programming and an excellent way to attract the attention of young people and children to environmental issues, in a playful way, in a format easily assimilated by all ages.

Images that help us reflect on the directions we choose to take our society.

Program 1

Depois da Revolução Verde | After the Green Revolution Steve MacDonald
8min15 – África do Sul – 2016

After thousands of farmers committed suicide in India submerged in debts, land and water contamination, traditional knowledge and science finally are working together for a better use of organic farming.

Levante | Rise Michelle Mortimer (VICE)
44 min – EUA – 2017

Brazil’s Krenak people struggle to survive in the wake of a massive toxic spill that has contaminated their drinking water, hunting grounds and culture.

Sonhos Mediterrâneos | Mediterranean Dream Misagh Bahraloloomian
3min40 – Irã – 2017

While watching on tv news about refugees, a woman finds a button when she cuts a salmon fish. The fish came from the Mediterranean Sea where it saw many refugees drown.

O Mergulhador | El Buzo / The Diver Esteban Arrangoiz
16 min – México – 2015

Julio César Cámara is the chief diver in the Mexico City sewerage system, he job is to repair pumps and dislodge the garbage that flows into the gutter to maintain the circulation of sewerage waters.
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Program 2

Exilia | Exile Renata Claus
23min36 – Brasil – 2015

Two old ladies natives of the island of Tatuoca visit each other and discuss how they´re being displaced from their homes due to water rising and climate change.
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Esperas D’Água | Waiting Water Dêniston Diamantino
1min35 – Brasil – 2017

A visual poem about the vital importance of water for wild animals, it’s cycles in the nature and how it brings life to everything.

Povo da Seca | People of Drought Lior Sperandeo

3min04 – França – 2016

Statistics show that unsafe water kills more people than wars. Even today, with all knowledge available, hundreds of millions of people still without any access to safe drinking water. The burden is taken, especially, by women and children, who spend long hours in search of their only option: contaminated water. This affects not only their health but also their educational and professional opportunities, resulting in an indefinite cycle of poverty.

Guerreiros da água | Water Warriors Michael Premo
21min31 – Canadá e USA – 2016

A community’s resistance against the oil and natural gas industry. When an energy company began searching for natural gas in New Brunswick, Canada, indigenous and white families united to drive out the company in a campaign to protect their water and way of life.

O Complexo | The Complex Thiago Foresti
26 min – Brasil – 2016

Built on indigenous sacred soil, the Teles Pires hydroelectric complex results on an huge environmental impact in the Upper Tapajós basin, located in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso. The documentary reveals the vices of the licensing and of the environmental studies and compensation of the most expensive hydroelectric plant built in Brazil.
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Os fabricantes de chuva de Nganyi | The Rain makers of Nganyi Steve McDonald
8min33 – África do Sul – 2017

The ancient knowledge of the old rainmakers of Kenya in face of climate change. How’s it affecting their lives and living.

Terraform | Terraform Sil Van Der Woerd e Jorik Dozy
5min06 – Reino Unido – 2017

“Terraform” tells the true story of the hardships and sacrifices the Sulphur miners of KawahIjen in Indonesia make to provide for their family.

Program 3

Acabou o Amor | Love is Over
48 min – Turquia – 2017

In June 2013, people from two different parts of the world took the streets to shout their dissatisfaction.
When the Gezi Park was busy, people in Brazil were also on the streets protesting against the increase of the bus fare. The documentary follows the story of the narrator of the “Protests of Gezi” whose past is connected to Brazil. Listening to the Brazilian people singing on the streets “Love is over! This is Turkey now!”, the narrator begins a trip to Brazil to find answers to these concomitant protests.
“Love is Over” aims to refresh our memories of struggles listening to stories from another part of the world.
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Refugiados do Desenvolvimento | Development Refugees Fabio Nascimento
8 min30 – Brasil – 2017

Brazil, just like most countries in Latin America, is a source of gold and silver, oil, iron, copper, meat, fruits, coffee and other raw material. But the land’s wealth is for the prosperity of few at the expense of the poverty of the majority. Development fosters inequality. The richest 1% of Brazilians makes almost one hundred times more than the poorer 10%. There are 13 million illiterates. Progress in Brazil did not foresee one thing: people.

Program 3 Short Animations

Aquário | Aquarium Diego L Yánez Guzman
4min30 – Argentina – 2016

Damaging ecological impact that it generates and aims to develop a critical approach for children audiences.

Água que Cai | When it Rains Nick Iannaco
2min50 – EUA – 2016

A determined raindrop journeys to water a flower blocked from the rain.

Círculo Completo | Full Circle Tiffany Lin
1min53 – Canadá – 2015

Follow the journey of a plastic bag as it travels away from the beach and into the open sea.

Copo D’ Água | Cup of Water Manish Gupta
2min47 – Índia – 2017

Going to school, a small boy sees how difficult is sometimes to get water to drink.

KONAGXEKA – A enchente Maxakali | The Maxakali flood Isael Makaxali e Charles Bicalho
13 min – Brazil – 2016

An indigenous film made by the Maxakali – a tribe located in the municipality of Ladainha, Minas Gerais and spoken in the Maxakali language. It shows their myth of the deluge and is illustrated by drawings made by the tribe for the film.

O caçador de Árvores Gigantes – The Hunter of Giant Trees Antonio Pereira
11 min – Brasil – 2016

A boy playing in the yard of his house discovers a buried chest revealing a secret and, with the help of his friend Bug-eating fox goes hunting for the giant trees, which he believes to be trapped in the sky.
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Primavera, verão, outono, inverno… e primavera 
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter …. and Spring  Hamza Uysal
7min04 – Turquia – 2018

The Lone Tree is about to lose hope in the war that man initiates against nature
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Segredos do Rio Grande​ | The Secrets of the Big River​Analúcia Godoi
5min41 – Brasil – 2017

Brisa is adventure and Dudu is craven. The two young fish decide to look for treasures and find out the secrets of the Big River, in a journey full of unexpected encounters.

Sem cerimônia | Offhand Nicolas de Oliveira
1min30 – França – 2017

The consequences of human actions on the environment and on the lives of the other animals that live on this planet.

Socorro | Eau secours Herrygers Nagege
3’12 min. – França – 2017

The importance of saving water.

Tartaruguinha | Small turtles / Chiripajas Jaume Quiles e Olga Poliektova
1’55 min. – Espanha – 2016

A small turtle fights to get to the sea and join her family.

Viva a Água | Save water Mustapha Benghernaout
1 min. – Algeria – 2016

The importance of using water wisely, avoiding waste.