Niterói 2019

The following films were selected to be presented at Filmambiente Niterói.

Most of them develop their themes around water. Either as a sea to surpass, for a better life, like the Spanish Astral; or life under sea, as in the Brazilian Urban Bay. As a receptacle of worship or as spirituality conductor, like the American Holy (un) Holy River.

They can also deal with genre, such as the sensitive and strong Mexican film, The Swirl. The Amazon, the world’s largest concentration of potable water, is the subject of the American Beyond Fordland, which shows the adventure of Henri Ford in the 1930s to present the current devastation caused by soybeans plantation, and the Brazilian Amazon, the awake of the Florestania, that remind us of the heroes that have defended it throughout time and perils so the forest can keep its spirit, waters and people, and The Tortoise and the Tapir, which investigates the humongous water reservoirs built in the region of the Amazonian forest. And it will be possible to watch the sad reality of a small republic in the Pacific Ocean, submerging due to global warming, in Anote´s Ark.

The one film that does not directly deals with water, Point of no Return, crosses rivers, seas and oceans to prove that clean and renewable energy can take us flying afar and keep our dreams alive.

In short, a great diversity of subjects, all fundamental to be discussed in the present days.