Filmambiente 2018 - Convidados

Bérengère Sarrazin, French filmmaker, feminist and activist without borders. Her feature length film Las Damas Azules (Ladies in Blue) – in competition at the Green Film Festival – has participated in numerous festivals around the world and shows the life of a group of women from the Cajamarca region, in the northern Peruvian Andes, that have been fighting for many years the expansion of the harmful mining activities in the region.

Daniel de la Calle, Spanish filmmaker and photographer, graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Photography, has been working in the music, cinema and television since the 90’s, in Europe, USA and Brazil. His documentary The Island has been screened in several festivals around the world and he is presently finalizing Tori, Imperfect Future; a feature length film about the Karaja ethnicity in the Mato Grosso State of Brazil.

Mário Branquinho, Portuguese, Social Sciences graduate, with a Master in Artistic Animation. Programmer at Seia’s (Portugal) Municipal House of Culture. Founder and Director of CineEco, the sole International Environmental Cinema Festival in Portugal, for 22 years now. Juror in several film festivals around the world and a speaker on international events about environmental cinema. Founder and member of the board of the Green Film Network (GFN).

Artur Xexéo, Brazilian journalist, playwright, writer. He was the editor of Culture for Jornal do Brasil and O Globo, where he writes a weekly column. Commentator on CBN radio and TV program Studio I (Globo News), wrote a book of chronicles on the backstage of the journalist work on Soccer World Cups and the biographies of Janete Clair and Hebe Camargo, the later he adapted to the theater as a musical. He wrote the plays The Girl in Red Bikini, We will always have Paris and the musical Cartola: the world is a windmill, and many television scripts.

Harold Crooks is a Canadian journalist, film director and writer – directed the New York Times’ Critics Pick The Price We Pay that was a box office hit in France and was voted Best Canadian Documentary in 2014 by the Vancouver Film Critics’ Circle. He co-directed the acclaimed eco-political theatrical doc Surviving Progress [2012] and co-wrote the narration of the Sundance-winning The Corporation.

Maria Paula Fidalgo, Brazilian actress, psychologist, comedian, chronicler and presenter, began her career as a VJ at MTVBrazil. As an actress, she played parts on the TV program Casseta e Planeta, some theatre plays and movies; in 2011 she launched the book of chronicles, Liberdade Cronica, lives in Brasília, where she writes a weekly column in the Sunday magazine of Correio Braziliense. She is an environmental activist and one of the founders of the NGO A Drop in the Ocean.

Paulo Adario, Brazilian, environmentalist, journalist, found Greenpeace Brazil on the eve of Eco-92 and moved to Manaus in 1998 to open the organization’s office in the Amazon and to coordinated the Greenpeace Amazon campaign. In 2012, he received UN’s “Hero of the Forest” Award for his work in defense of the forests and the communities within. Since 2014 working at Greenpeace International, he’s passionate about the Amazon, fighting for a responsible development model for the region, that combines environmental protection and social justice.

François Sueur, A French engineer with two Masters degrees in Business Administration and Development Economics, he has been the project manager of the Water and Sanitation Division of the French Development Agency since 2013, where he develops and oversees a credit portfolio for projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which supports the development and transmission of knowledge related to public-private partnerships (PPPs). Before, for 25 years he worked in different projects in water sector, holding management positions and accumulating extensive international experience.

Ricardo Gomes, of Urban Bay
Bebeto Abrantes, of Way to the sea
Juliana de Carvalho, producer of Way to the Sea
Rodolfo Amaral, of Detox SP
Felipe Kurc, of Detox SP
Monja Cohen, character of Detox SP film
Marcos Colon, of Beyond Fordlandia
Eliza Capay, of The Tortoise and the tapir
Renata Claus, of Exile
Roger Williams, of River Blue
Thiago Foresti, of The Complex