In 2015, the festival hosted:

the members of the jury:

The international feature length jury was composed by: Myriam Gast-Loup (curator and director of FIFE Paris), journalist Augostinho Vieira and musician, sculptor and filmmaker Edgar Duvivier.
The short film jurors were students of the OIKabum, Amanda Costa, Ana Beatriz Ferreira and Francisco Gabriel de Souza.

The participants of workshop and panels:
To participate on the panel Urban Farmers, the founder of Urban Farmers, the agronomist, Renata Souto and Carol Sá, from SlowFood Zona Norte, acting as mediator

Carol Sa was also responsible for workshop Food: zero waste.

and the directors:
From Love Thy Nature, Sylvie Rokab
from Garden of Hope, Laurence Guenoun
from The E-waste Tragedy, Cosima Dannoritzer
from Cuando Respiro, Coti Donoso
from Vai que é tua Tafarinha, George Augusto
from Gerais, directors Tiago Carvalho and Arthur Frazão
from Se esta vila nao fosse minha, Felipe Pena
from Maldimare, Matteo Bastianelli
from BigMen, Rachel Boynton
from Mar Urbano, Ricardo Gomes
and to debate How to Change the World, Paulo Adário, from Green Peace e founder of Green Peace Brasil.