Filmambiente 2014 - Extra Activities

Among the many activities and exhibitions, we highlight
the showcases:

Cine’Eco – 20 years, tribute to the twenty editions of the festival that takes place in Serra da Estrela, Portugal, with the exhibition of six films;

Swiss Film, five films among the best of the country’s recent production on the subject, including two fiction films;

The Future has Arrived – with five films that show pressing issues that afflict the planet, including The Last Ocean, shown thanks to the support of the PEW charity fund.

Masters of their destiny, six films presenting diverse and creative solutions found by communities or individuals to fight their problems

Nationals – six films that were exhibited in the Naves do Conhecimento of Madureira, Iraja, Penha and Bangu

Environment: thematic Evolution and Approach Panel was coordinated by O Globo journalist and columnist Agostinho Vieira. To discuss these issues, we have brought together people who have worked with the environment and sustainability for more than twenty years, either by reporting, organizing events, producing and directing films and videos such as the director of Cine’Eco, Mario Branquinho and the director and producer Paula Saldanha, or studying the economic and social consequences of climate change, as professor, consultant and economist Sergio Besserman.

– Another very popular event was the food tasting – prepared with leftovers collected on the day at Cadeg – carried out by the Slow Food Brasil group, after answering questions from the audience about the Italian film The Origin of Slow Food, at Espaço Itaú de Cinema.

– For the second year, and with support from partners, who provided us with a folding bike, a Farm kit and 3 eco-friendly Dopper bottles, we repeated the movie marathon: the five people who watched the biggest number of films received their prizes.