Filmambiente 2013 - Extra Activities

Exhibition at the Carioca Chacrinha Arena, of the film Way Beyond Weight (84 min – DOC – Brazil – 2013), by Estela Renner, followed by discussion with producer and co-author Mark Nisti. The activity will be attended by students of municipal schools surrounding the Arena. 
Debate on “The Audiovisual as a Tool for Transformation”. Coordination: Silvio Da-Rin, ilmmaker; Panelists: Chris Paine, american, documentary filmmaker; Luíz Felipe Guanaes, coordinator of NIMA (Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment at PUC-RJ); José Solla, diplomat, was the Assistant Secretary for the Rio+20 and organizer of the ilm festival held at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) during that event; Anne-Marie Melster, german, co-founder and director of the ArtPort_making waves.