Filmambiente 2012 - Winners

According to the short films’ jurors, the Special Award is divided between Teclopolis and Morning Stroll.

Teclopolis, because it masters the technic to create beauty using obsolete objects, warning us of a future with so much technology.
And Morning Stroll for the original and precise way it uses humor to portrait the transformations and worries civilization goes through.

The jurors decided to award the film The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom for its ability to portrait with sensibility the pain that can be caused by tragedies and our capacity to recover.

The jurors of the feature length films decided to give the Special Award to Little Land, directed by Nikos Dayandas, that portraits with sensibility how the younger generation is looking for a sustainable way out for the European Crisis.

The People’s Choice Award went to Oro Impuro with 78% of the votes for Excellent.

The film Dust: the Great Asbestos Trial was selected by the feature length films jurors as best of the 2nd Filmambiente.

Waking the Green Tiger gives an historical, cultural and economic view of China since the Mao Tse Tung’s Communist Revolution Days showing how authoritarianism mixed with lack of scientific knowledge can lead to environmental destruction, misery and natural disasters. It also reveals the power of the environmentalist mobilization that resulted on the creation of the Environment Impact Act at a country that is fully controlled by the State.

Gary Marcuse’s documentary also proves that wrong decisions can unbalance the ecosystems and impact negatively the life of people. One of the merits of the film is to demonstrate that firm and reliable mobilization can surpass barriers and motivate people against any political and economic systems, even dictatorial ones.

Waking the Green Tiger also portraits demonstrations of solidarity and commitment defending the natural and human patrimony and leads us to think that sad results of bad governmental decisions can serve as examples to avoid bigger mistakes.