Festival 2012

 The films were selected among more than 300 films viewed, coming from 17 countries – Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Greece, England, Italy, Japan, Nederland, Poland Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and United States. They are part of the best and most awarded films of the recent world production on environmental issues and sustainable development. Thirteen features (two fictions and eleven documentaries) and sixteen short films (nine animations, two fictions and five docs) have been in competition.  The forty four films left were gathered in six sections: Water – contamination, shortage and solutions; Panorama; Ridden Daily Risks; Native People; Generation ’92 and EcoFamily.

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tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Awards 2012
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Feature Film Competition
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Short Film Competition
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Water - shortage, contamination and solutions
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Panorama
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Native People
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Ridden daily risks
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  Generation 92
tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  EcoFamily


Espaço Itau de Cinema (ex Arteplex) | Praia de Botafogo 316 | sala 5 | tel: 2559 8775
Instituto Moreira Salles |Rua Marques de São Vicente, 478  | tel: 3284 7400
Museu do Meio Ambiente | Rua Jardim Botanico, 1008 | Jardim Botânico | tel 3204 2505
Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal | Av. Rio Branco 241 | tel: 3261 2555


Jury Feature Competition

Dr HaroldoHaroldo Mattos de Lemos
President of Brasil PNUMA Institute coordinates the Master in Environment Courses at the Escola Politécnica da UFRJ. He is the president of ABNT council, vice-president of the technical committee 207 of ISSO, president of the assembly of businessman pro-Environment at the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro. He was the secretary to the Ministry of Environment (1994-1999), State Secretary of Rio de Janeiro for Development and Urbanization (1987-1991), vice-director of the UN program for environment (1982-1987), director of the National Institute of Technology (1980-1982) and president of the State of Rio de Janeiro Engineering of Environment Foundation (1975-1979).

Peter BrownPeter Jay Brown
DP and Director, with more than 30 years’ experience, producing shows like Real People and Entertainment Tonight, combined with his enthusiasm for the pursuit of stopping crimes against wildlife, no matter what, resulted in the nickname of the Eco terrorist, especially from his works as an environmentalist with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Brown also produced and directed twenty films with the Kenya Wildlife Services for international television to champion wildlife conservation in Africa; in 2001 went to Afghanistan, to help re-establish PARSA, charity founded by Mary MacMakin. He also created, wrote produced and directed the television series Pops, now incorporated into elementary level curriculum in five US states.

Victor FasanoVictor Fasano
Born in São Paulo, Mr. Fasano is an actor, with large experience in television, where he has been working in soap operas and miniseries since 1990. He has also produced, acted and directed theatre and cinema. An active environmentalist, he is well known for his work pro conservation and sustainable development, especially of the Amazon. In the first semester of 2012, he hosted the television series “Amazonia” for TV Record, a reality show where celebrities try to survive at the forest, as a way to talk about sustainability and environment.

Jury Short Film Competition

Barbara ViegaBárbara Veiga
Brazilian photojournalist, spent seven years engaged in environmental causes, travelling around more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Europe. Her photos are filled with symbolism, combining her journalistic background with her passion for visual arts. She worked with different ONG´s of the environmental movement such as Amazon Watch, Avaaz, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. She spent two years working with Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson, embarked and documenting the “Icy War” against the whale hunting in Antarctica. She also worked undercover to prevent whale massacre at Faroe Islands.

Clara DiasClara Dias
Brazilian student, 17 years old, born in Rio de Janeiro. She is a student at OIKabum!, where she will be completing the studies in 2013. She worked as an actor on the short films “Dreamed Sound” and “Marionette”. She adapted the novel “Ze” for a short film, helping making the script. In the work “Missing the Sun”, finished in July, 2012, she also did the camera work and the editing. She is a member of the group Onde Quiser that works with remixes of literature and urban poetry.

Manuelle RosaManuelle Rosa
Brazilian, a Social Communications graduate at PUC-Rio, she is a producer at the Audiovisual section of Nós do Morro Group. Among her works, the video instalation “Travelling Zona Norte”, presented in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, in 2010; the documentary “Cultural Rebellion”(2010), filmed at the penitentiary complex of Gericinó (Bangú, Rio) and is responsible for the cineclube +Cultura Nós do Morro. In 2011 she took part on the Pavillion Les Cinemas du Monde and the Producers Network, during Cannes Film Festival, with the project 1994. A feature film also selected to take part on the international workshop Produire au Sud/Imagens dos Povos, in Belo Horizonte, (Brazil – 2012). She worked as an assistant director in the shorts “Blue Violin” (Filipe Pontes e Renata Lima (2009, “The owners of the woods” (Luciana Bezerra - 2012), “Blue Hill” (Gustavo Melo - 2012). She is now finishing her short film, “Some like Poetry”.

Guests 2012

Camilo Tavares
Camilo Tavares
Brazilian filmmaker, director of the film Sobre Rios e Córregos
Carmen Lopez
Carmen Eva Lopez
American filmmaker, director of the film Carbon for Water and Last Stand on the Island
Carolina Venturelli
Carolina Venturelli
Brazilian filmmaker, director of the film FarWest Amazônia
Erwan Massiot
Erwan Massiot
French filmmaker, director of the film FarWest Amazonia
Evan Abramson
Evan Abramsom
American filmmaker, director of the film Carbon for Water and Last Stand on the Island
Fernanda Solanas
Fernando Solanas
Argentinian filmmaker, director of the film Ouro Impuro
Harold Crooks
Harold Crooks
Canadian filmmaker, director of the film Surviving Progress
Jan van den Berg
Jan van den Berg
Dutch filmmaker, director of the film Silent Snow: the Invisible Poisoning of the World
Jane Vilas Boas
Jane Villas Boas
From the Marina Silva Foundation
Joel Heath
Joel Heath
Canadian filmmaker, director of the film People of a Feather
Tio Jorge

Jorge Barcelos
Brazilian fisherman, main character of the film Jorge Poem
Julio Santucho
Julio Santucho
Founder of the Argentinian Human Rights Institute of Latin America (DerHumALC),
2012 curator
Kakie Roubaud
Kakie Roubaud
French filmmaker, director of the film Uma aventura Chamada Brasil
Marina Silva
Marina Silva
Ex-senator, interviewed for the film Surviving Progress
Niccolo Bruna
Niccolò Bruna
Italian filmmaker, director of the film Pó, o processo do Amianto
Peter Brown
Peter Brown
American photo journalist and filmmaker, member of the filmambiente 2012 jury and director of the film Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist
Rafael Costa   
Rafael Nogueira Costa
Brazilian professor, director of the film Jorge Poema
Silvio Da Rin
Silvio Da-Rin
Brazilian filmmaker, director of the film Parallel 10