Filmambiente 2015

5th Filmambiente – August 27th to September 2nd, 2015 | Rio de Janeiro

The online applications for the fifth edition of Filmambiente will be open January until April 15th, 2015 (regular deadline).


Filmambiente 2014

4th Filmambiente – September 4th-10th, 2014 | Rio de Janeiro

The fourth edition of Filmambiente ended with great results, a good number of viewers, and an open door to spread venues in 2015, in Rio – at the Naves do Conhecimento and the Oi Futuro – and in cities all over Brazil, through the Digital Circuit of RNP (National Research and Education Network).

A larger number of people were many hours in the screening rooms, watching many films and debating. And now we are already preparing the fifth Edition of Filmambiente - August 27th to September 2nd, 2015. Until then, the festival will continue the exhibitions of films at Universities and educational institutions throughout Brazil, because we cannot stop as The Future in Here!

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Our Mission

Filmambiente, the International Environmental Film Festival, annually shows the best recent films and videos on environmental issues, to create awareness, provoke debate and to widen knowledge and conscience on the need of urgent changes in the behavior of people, governments and companies, in order to preserve the planet. All the screenings are free of charge.

The filmambiente works all year around in association with other Environmental film festivals, through the Green Film Network, and attends different festivals and events in the world, to select the best available films and videos to present to the Brazilian audience. We want to present the best international audiovisual productions on environment and sustainability, allowing a better understanding of these issues.

Our primary aims are to:

- Bring a wider variety of environmental films to a wider range of audience
- Help the community reach its own conclusion, enabling changes.

Our key activities are:

- Film programming
- Developing audiences for Environmental films
- Organizing events e exhibitions on demand, for companies, governments, syndicates,     colleges, schools and others, all over the country.

Check out some films that have been screened at Filmambiente: