tropicáliafotografia_prévia (1)The last day of screenings of Filmambiente 2017,with film Beyond Fordlândia, by Marcos Colón, happened on November, 14th, at Espaço Itaú de Cinema and was a big hit.

After the screening, a debate conducted by Rodrigo Medeiros, vice-president of Conservation International CI-Brasil, the director Marcos Colón and professor Marcus Barros that seemed very moved by the film, that portraits his beloved Amazonia and its people being devastated by the agribusiness and cancer, brought by the huge use of pesticides in the soy plantations of the region.

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Vice-presidente of CI – Rodrigo Medeiros, director Marcos Colón and professor Marcus Barros

(photos Tropicalia)

The film shows the damage imposed to the forest, the hydrography and the Amazonian man, gradually threatened by the advance of agribusiness in the region. It addresses the clearing of 1 million hectares of forest for growing rubber trees and the transition to successful soy monoculture, which replaces large forest contingents for profitable commodities negotiated abroad.

The director of the film, Marcos Colón, is a researcher at the Center for Culture, History and Environment at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. The inspiration for Beyond Fordlandia came in the midst of his doctoral research, which deals with Amazonian representation in twentieth-century Brazilian literature. “I had the opportunity to visit the Brazilian part of the Amazon, and to see up close a region known only through literary works. When I read about Ford’s arrival in Mário de Andrade’s ‘The Apprentice Tourist’, my focus was taken to that region. After visiting Fordland and Belterra, cities founded by the Fordist venture, I decided that I needed to tell those stories, “says the researcher.
After the exhibition, the audience could ask questions and talk with the director and Marcus Barros – an infectious disease doctor, tropical medicine specialist, professor, researcher and one of the scientific and intellectual authorities of the region, in a debate mediated by the biologist and vice president of Conservation International of Brazil, Rodrigo Medeiros, specialist in sustainable development and social inclusion